From BBQ joints to restaurants that serve up the freshest seafood, each state has that one destination that everyone knows and loves. Frankenmuth's Bavarian Inn is that one place where people travel from all points in Michigan and beyond to enjoy a delicious (delicious doesn't quite describe it, right?) chicken dinner.

Thrillist chose one restaurant from each state to compile its list of most-iconic restaurants, and it's no surprise that the Bavarian Inn was picked to represent the Mitten.

Now, I'm hungry for chicken. And mashed potatoes. And hot buttered noodles.... Speaking of buttered noodles, check out this recipe if you'd like to recreate he Bavarian Inn's iconic dish at home.

And while you're at it, check out this 2010 video of Bill Zehnder sharing some of his family's secret's to making that famous Frankenmuth chicken.

For Thrillist's full list of the most-iconic restaurants in each state, click here.


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