Smash Pop music sensation Adele will not sleep alone in her new mansion, because she is convinced that it is haunted.

She hired her female drive to be her bodyguard, and moved her in to her home to stay with her 24/7.  There was no problem finding her a place to sleep in the singer's 10-bedroom, $11 million dollar home in England.

Adele got spooked after she heard things that made her jump, and has since vowed never to spent another night there alone.  So she's paying the bodyguard to stay with her at home and as she travels the world.  After news broke that she had to cancel her U.S. tour for fear of doing permanent damage to her voice, it now seems that she will be spending a lot of time in her haunted home.

In addition to the 10 bedrooms, Adele's mansion, which used to be a convent,  also boasts an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and a private chapel.

I am convinced that the house I grew up in was haunted as well.  Have you ever had an experience with a haunted house?