Kinsley James, we fully support your initiative and hope you're able to persuade Taco Bell to start delivering nacho fries. And quesadillas. And burritos...

A 9-year-old Davison girl has been invited to speak at a Las Vegas convention after writing to Taco Bell, asking them to consider home delivery. James' quest to get a fourth-meal delivery started as a school lesson in persuasive writing. Then when she was craving a run for the border -- and her "mean mom" refused -- she penned a letter to the fast food giant.

"Dear Taco Bell," her letter starts. "Today I really wanted Tacos, but my mean mom wouldn't take me and I'm only nine so I cannot drive."

Then she lists a few reasons Taco Bell should begin home delivery service.

  • What if somebody just had surgery and cannot drive?
  • If you're feeling lazy but really want nacho fries.
  • This is a way to make more money,

James' mother submitted the third-grader's letter to Taco Bell via Facebook and got a response almost immediately. Kinsley has been invited to read her letter at Taco Bell's convention in Las Vegas later this month.

Taco Bell's president of communications tells WJRT that Kinsley's letter affirms the need for the company to move forward with plans to provide delivery service.

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