Tina Munoz, the principal at Zilwaukee International Studies School promised her students that if they raised $12,000 towards the purchase of new school supplies she would kiss a pig in front of the entire school. The kids raised an incredible $27,000! Principal Munoz did not disappoint. Watch her kiss the pig after the jump.


Zilwaukee school principal Tina Munoz kissed Jimmy Dean, the lipstick wearing pig, in front of the entire school yesterday afternoon after the students exceeded a fundraising goal for new school supplies. Principal Munoz said kissing Jimmy Dean was well worth it for the money raised for the school, and it was kind of fun too. "It was an experience. Nothing what I thought it would be. You know, you get yourself a little nervous. But I'm always taking care of my dogs and kissing my dogs at home. So it's just like another pet kissing at home."  No word on how the pig felt about the experience!