Is it just me, or is trying to get a a celebrity date for prom the thing to do this season? Taylor Swift has gotten her share of invites, and here comes another one!



His name is Devon Whitney from Aurura, Colorado, and he suffers from a rare disease known as Oto-Palatal Digital Syndrome. As you can see from his video, Devon doesn't look like other 19 year olds. Afraid of being rejected by a girl at his school, Devon made up his mind not to go to prom. But then, he says, he started to think. "If I had a crazy beautiful date.  How could they possibly make fun of me?" He goes on to say in his message to Taylor "Then you popped into my head. I've seen you in concert before. And you're BREATHTAKING. "

What girl could refuse an invitation like that? He called her "breathtaking"! I hope Taylor calls him!