A holiday food drive effort at a Canton, Ohio Walmart is lighting up Facebook today as employees are frustrated that coworkers actually have a need for charity.

It started with a picture of plastic bins and a sign encouraging food donations intended for Walmart employees. The photo was distributed on Facebook by 'Our Walmart' (Organization United for Respect) and the sign reads, "Please donate food items here so associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner."

Many people have expressed frustration with low pay on the organization's Facebook page.

Linda Haynes Walmart aught to be ashamed of this. They are the highest grossing retailer in the world, why can't they pay their workers a decent living wage. [sic]


Juanita Koch Only if you half knew the truth. No Wal-mart does not give out full time, they pay minimum wage starting out, for part time you work 32 hours a week and no more, I like to see you pay your bills and buy food on this amount.

A spokesman for Walmart, Kory Lundberg, defends the retailer, saying the donation program is simply associates helping associates who may be experiencing difficult times because of unforeseen circumstances.

"Quite frankly, a lot of people in that store are frustrated and offended that this is reported in a way besides other folks rallying around each other. Last year there were about 12 people who benefited from the program. I couldn't be prouder of people in that store helping in a tough situation."

What do you think? Is this much ado about nothing, or do Walmart employees have a legitimate complaint that coworkers shouldn't have to rely on charity to enjoy a holiday meal?

- George McIntyre
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