Maybe you've seen the Dr. Phil Personality Test that's been making its way around Facebook. It's an interesting look at who you are, and is reported to be the same test given by the Human Resource Departments at several major corporations. (Click here for the test.)

But there's something you should know.

It's a fake. A quick peek at Snopes reveals that Dr. Phil McGraw had nothing to do with the development of the test. He told his audience that personality tests are among the top Internet items that misappropriate his name.

But, I didn't Google it until after I had taken the test, and I was SO PLEASED with my results, I had to share anyway! I mean seriously - just look at this:

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"...charming, amusing, practical, but sufficiently well balanced..." I don't care who dreamed this crap up, I'll take it!

Take it for yourself, share with your friends, and if you're not happy with the score, just cheat a little bit. I'll be here for you - remember, I'm kind, considerate, understanding, and always here to cheer you up.

- George McIntyre
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