We are coming up to a very important deadline in the next few days. If you enjoy nuclear waste free water, listen up!

According to the action group, Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's deadline on the comment period on the proposed nuclear waste dump across Lake Huron is September 1st. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) plans to bury nuclear waste right next to our beloved Great Lakes. The same lakes that feed our drinking water systems, we play in, fish in, and know as our HOMES. Below you will see the communities that have already voiced their "No Way!":

via StopTheGreatLakesNuclearDump.com

As you can see there are a few "green" spots left in Michigan, which I find crazy. Why anyone would be okay with this is beyond me. This is a whole Michigan issue, heck, a United States issue. Then it dawned upon me that maybe, most people don't know what to do about it. Here's where you come in. If you would like to voice your concerns before the comment deadline (September 1st, 2015), the email is: ceaa.conditions.acee@ceaa-acee.gc.ca.

Now before you say, "Well, my little email won't do a thing", see what Michelle Jewell, Scientific Communications Director of EDNA, Michigan native, & my sister says about how the comment process works:

As a scientist, let me tell you how this public comment process works. Every comment will be acknowledged, read, and put into various categories to be incorporated into a report. The nuclear waste storage builder will get this report and will be required to address every concern, bullet point by bullet point, and explain what they are doing to fix every single issue that is brought up. Their response turns into a legally binding document, so if the builders don't do what they said they would, they can be shut down.

So there you go! You want to make a change, not have nuclear waste in your mouth, and have your voice be heard? Tell the Canadian Government, "Not in my Lakes!"