I must admit, with all the crazy weather we had throughout May, I almost forgot that Memorial Day is the unofficial start to Summer around here. It took a couple of 90-degree days put things back into focus for me. You too?

In honor of Memorial Day, here are some sure-fire signs that Summer has returned to the Vehicle City.

You know it’s summer in Flint when…

“…Weather Ball is red, higher temperatures ahead.”

…You can fry an egg on the bricks of Saginaw St.

…The Crim training groups don’t look so out-of-shape anymore (Good goin’, gang!)

…There are MORE barrels than ever before on I-69

…Hammerberg Rock is in full bloom

…People start to talk excitedly about the Buick Open….(uh, wait a minute)

…You see Father’s Day merchandise being cleared out in favor of “Back to School” sales

…We get weekly traffic jams on I-75 (Northbound on Friday, southbound on Sunday)

…Your neighbor finally took down the Christmas decorations

(*does not apply if you live next to Bronner’s)

…The Kids are singing “Sweet Home Alabama” All Summer Long

Do you have any other ideas to add? Let us know!