A Florida woman walked into an apartment and found her husband in bed with a naked woman, and to say that she was angry and just plain mean would be an understatement!

Brenda Schumann, 51, found her husband in bed with a younger woman. It didn't help that the younger woman was naked! Brenda confronted the couple with a rifle, and when the weapon was taken away from her, she decided on a new kind of revenge. The spiteful Mrs. Schumann urinated on the rug outside the bedroom, and defecated on the kitchen floor. When police officers eventually caught up to Brenda she said "I found him in bed with a naked chick. What was I supposed to do?".

My parents went through an ugly divorce, and poop was involved. My dad wasn't real good at paying his child support and on a Friday evening when I was 13 my dad came to pick me up to spend the weekend. My mom greeted him at the front door with a big glass of pig manure, which she threw into his face! I believe the quote was "I've had enough of yours, have some of mine."

They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned! What is the worst thing that you've done to a guy that's treated you badly?