It's usually the bad stuff about Michigan that gets all of the attention, but this is great news for those of us living in the mitten state!

Here in Michigan we're snowy, bankrupt, violent...and romantic.

You read that right. I said romantic. We are the most romantic state in the United States, according to The online dating sight looks for key phrases like "holding hands", "cuddling by the fire", "bubble baths", "candlelit dinners",and my personal favorite, "walks on the beach" in dating profiles from all over the United States.

Having done all of that research, says that Michiganders are 55% more romantic than the rest of the country.

Here is the top ten, from most to least;

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

So light those candles, chill that box of wine, order a heart shaped pizza and enjoy a very romantic Valentines Day.

If you have a quick minute in the middle of all that, we'd love to hear from you! Is Michigan the most romantic state in the country?