25% of married men have asked their wives to do this when they're in bed. What?

Investigate a noise! Congratulations to today's winner, Lindy Nicol from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey of men, 60% believe this is what people notice about them first.

Our Cellphones! Congratulations to today's winner, Jenny.


A majority of Americans say they would rather give up their cellphones or TV than this food. What is it?

Cheese! Congratulations to today's winner, Mark Fulks from Perry.


On average, parents of young children spend about $58 per week on this. What?

Babysitters! Congratulations to today's winner Kathy Smith from Fenton.


According to new statistics, 15% of divorces are caused by this. What?

Mother-in-law! Congratulations to today's winner, Marie Crite from Grand Blanc.

- George McIntyre
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