According to a survey of adults, only 5% of us think it's OK to use this a second time. What?

Halloween Costume! Congratulations to today's winner, Charles Martin from Flushing.


One third of women who do this, never tell anyone. What is it?

Dye Their Hair! Congratulations to today's winner, Matt Ashworth from Mt. Morris.


When it comes to food, women are guilty of doing this more often than men. What?

Eating food that's fallen on the floor! Congrats to today's winner, Mary Forge from Saginaw.


According to a new survey, this is the occupation best suited for people who don't like other people. What is it?

Accountant! Congratulations to today's winner, Amy Bandy from Flint.


54% of divorced women have this. What?

Their husband's last name. Congratulations to today's winner, Karen Niezgucki from Flint.

- George McIntyre
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