According to a survey of men, 50% say they've accidentally done this to a woman. What?

Said, "I love you." Congrats to today's winner, Breanna McNamara from Flushing.


According to a survey of bosses, this is the most annoying phrase employees use when talking to them. What's the phrase?

"With all due respect." Congratulations to today's winner, Linda Bendall from Grand Blanc.


Survey says, 35% of us have not done this in the past year. Men put it off more than women. What?

Gone to the dentist! Congratulations to today's winner, Lisa McEwen from Swartz Creek.


According to a survey of single adults, most women have four, while most single men have two. What?

Pillows! Congratulations to today's winner, Kelsey Collins from Swartz Creek.

- George McIntyre
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