You probably use one of these every day. Today they cost just a few bucks, but the first one cost $20,000 in 1981. What is it?

A computer mouse! Congratulations to today's winner, Brian Wells from Owosso.


According to a survey of adults, 80% of us think we're really good at this. What?

Taking pictures. Congratulations to today's winner, Matthew Burrie from Grand Blanc.


If you still have VHS tapes at your house, THIS is the movie you're most likely to have. What movie?

The Lion King! Congrats to today's winner, Janet Heverly from Ortonville.


According to a survey of adults, 10% of us say we actually enjoy the taste of this. What?

Licking envelopes. Congratulations to today's winner, Corey Berkholz from Warren.


About 90% of people who attempt this, fail. What is it?

Becoming a vegetarian.