The average number is 40. What?

Number of items in a woman's purse! Congratulations to today's winner, Kelsey Wainwright from Flint.


According to a recent report, 11% of people will do this on Spring Break.  What is it?

Get arrested!  Congratulations to today's winner Kim Volz of Flint!


70% of us say we can really only tolerate this for 3 seconds before getting upset.  What is it?

When the light turns green and the car ahead doesn't move.  Congratulations to today's winner, Kelly Cohoon of Millington!


If you're an average person, you'll burn 5-7 calories today doing this. What is it?

Clicking your mouse.  Congratulations to today's winner, Jean Flader of Flushing!

- George McIntyre
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