Researchers say 11% of us attended one of these over the weekend. Those who did, probably went in the morning. What's the event?

A garage sale. Congratulations to today's winner, Kim Irelan from Flint.


According to a survey, about 31% have done this absent-minded thing while driving. What?

Drive off with something on the roof of the car! Congratulations to today's winner Brittany Montney from Davison.


89% of us say we know how to do this summertime activity, but really only 48% of us know how to do it safely. What?

Swim. Congratulations to today's winner, Donna Denton from Burton.


The average male teenager has three of these. What?

Jerseys! Congratulations to today's winner, Amy Stevens from Durand.


Research shows that kids who grow up with one of these in their home are 43% more likely to get good grads. What?

A dad! Congratulations to today's winner, Jean Flader from Flushing.

- George McIntyre
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