27% of women say they would rather do this than shop for a bathing suit.  What is it?

Have a tooth pulled. Congratulations to today's winner, Diane Sanborn of Mt. Morris!


According to a survey of moms, 46% say this is their biggest source of stress. What is it?

Their Husbands! Congratulations to today's winner Jeff Simmons from Davison.


70% of people who own one of these, talk to it. What is it?

Their Car! Congratulations to today's winner, Stephanie McPhilimy from Grand Blanc.


According to a recent survey, 50% of us do this when we go to the doctor. What?

We lie! Congratulations to today's winner Jeanette Roat from Flint.


The average woman regrets this after just one hour and 10 minutes. What?

Putting on high heels! Congratulations to today's winner, Carol Pattillo from Flushing.

- George McIntyre
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