It's estimated that 20% of work emails are about this. What?

Finding another job. Congratulations to today's winner, Keith Franklin from Flint.


Researchers say this is the most popular TV show among rich people. What?

The Bachelor! Congrats to today's Workday 108 winner, Sue Jackson from Flint.


About 20% of women say they get more excited about doing this, than they do about spending time with a significant other. What?

Buying Shoes! Congratulations to today's winner, Bruce Freeman from Owosso.


According to a survey of adults, 32% of us have not done this in public in five years. What?

We have not worn a bathing suit. Congratulations to today's winner, Jerry Cranston from Flint.


Experts say thinking about this can actually make you stronger physically. What?

Your muscles! Congratulations to today's winner, Sindy Leppan from Gaines.

- George McIntyre
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