About 30% of people surveyed say they never ever do this at the gym. What?

Sweat! Congratulations to today's winner, Greg Walker from Flushing.


According to a survey of parents, 30% admit that they have done this. What?

Hide from their kids in the bathroom! congratulations to today's winner, Aqueelah Brown from Flint.


According to a survey of women, close to 25% say they have done this, and regretted it. What?

They've slept with the boss! Congratulations to today's winner, Melissa Treat from Clio.


According to a survey of adults, about half say this is the most-annoying thing a restaurant server can do. What?

Ask how the food is before they've tasted it.


About 2,000 people go to the emergency room each year because of injuries resulting from this. What is it?

Houseplants. Congratulations to today's winner, Linda Bendall from Grand Blanc.

- George McIntyre
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