48% of people have two of these on their deck/patio right now, what is it?

It's BBQ Grills, and Krystal of Clio knew it and thinks it's a bit overkill.


More thank half of adults say that this is not appropriate to do until the third date. What do you think it is?

Talk politics is a big 'no no', who knew? Stacy from Lapeer knew!


Women, tend to do this more than men during their daily commute. What is it?

Drive on 'empty', Lisa got it and she is super guilty of it.


4 out of 5 people polled believe this profession is the most trustworthy, what is it?

Nursing is the most trusted. Tracy of Davison trusts nurses and isn't afraid to show it.


65% of ladies have made their partner do this before going out, what is it?

Change their shoes. Mary of Davison knew the answer.