25% of people surveyed say they do this after they buy a car. What?

Name it! congratulations to today's winner, Lisa Mora from Fenton.


Researchers say this is the thing people fear the most about going to the beach. What is it?

Having their stuff stolen. Congratulations to today's winner, Rachel Ptaszeski from Mayville.


86% of us do this in the middle of the night, what is it?

Check our phone. Really, it's true and Jennifer from Fenton does it!


Over 19,000 people have injured themselves doing this at the gym, what is it?

Fallen on a treadmill. I bet that would be a sight to see. Andela of Durand got it and claims she has never done it. Yeah, right.


According to a survey of married women, 12% say they have to tell their husbands to this at least once a week. What?