On average, you will use 57 of these today.  What?

Squares of Toilet Paper. Congratulations to Toni Yaklin of Goodrich!


According to a survey of men, nearly 50% say they've made a fool of themselves doing this. What?

Opening a bottle of wine or champagne. Congratulations to today's winner, Anne Harriman from Grand Blanc.


Research shows that men are three times as likely as women to do this at the gym. What?

Walk around naked in the locker room. Congratulations to today's winner, Paula Sims from Burton.


It's estimated that approximately 3,000 people have made videos of themselves doing this this week. Doing what?

Throwing boiling water into the air to make snow. Congratulations to today's winner, Gloria Forys from Clifford.


When asked "What was the worst thing about staying with relatives over the holidays? This was the #1 answer.

Being awakened too early! Congratulations to today's winner, LaDonna Coulter from Grand Blanc.

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