According to a survey of women, just over half say they'd be willing to do this on the first date. What?

Pay for dinner!  Congrats to today's winner, Vince Zamora from Flint.


If you're average, you'll waste $2,000 in 2013 doing this. What?

Throwing away food! Congratulations to today's winner, Mark Fulks from Perry.


Studies show that Americans use about three times as much as people in other countries. What?

Toilet Paper! Congratulations to today's winner, Diane Sanders from Swartz Creek.


If you make $75,000 or more per year, the chances are good that you own four or more of these. What?

Wristwatches! Congratulations to today's winner, Tricia McCormick from Flint.

- George McIntyre
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