According to new research, women talk about this more than they talk about gossip. What?

The weather! Congrats to today's winner, Teresa Bower from Davison.


The average man spends one month of his life doing this. What?

Looking for missing socks.


People were asked, "If you were a flavor, what would it be?" This was the #1 response.

Coffee! Congratulations to today's winner, Wayne Bush from Montrose.


Researchers say about 7% of us will buy this for a Super Bowl party. What?

A TV! Congratulations to today's winner, Tonya Raspolic from Burton.


71 million tons of this food is sold in preparation for Super Bowl parties. What?

Avocados for guacamole dip! Congratulations to today's winner, Nancy Benn from Caro.

- George McIntyre
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