4 out of 10 bank tellers say this has happened to them in the past year.  What is it?

Get asked out on a date!  Gary from Clio was today's winner.  Congratulations, Gary!


According to a survey of women, almost half say they'd rather go hungry than give this up. What?

A hair appointment! Congratulations to today's winner, Raeann Waisanen from Grand Blanc.


20% of workers say this problem in the office makes them less productive.  What‘s the problem?

Rebecca of Davison had the correct answer:  It's Too Cold!


On what day of the week do women look their oldest?

Wednesday! Congrats to today's winner, Ronda Miller from Swartz Creek.


Sure, it can be scary, but according to the experts, doing this might help promote weight loss. What?

Watching a scary movie!  Congratulations to today's winner, Zach from hang Graff in Davison.

- George McIntyre
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