According to research, 44% of Kindergartners have done this. What?

Kissed another student! Congrats to today's winner, Corey Berkholz from Warren.


Approximately eight million pounds of this will be eaten this Sunday. What is it?

Popcorn! Congratulations to today's winner, Gary Krueger from Flushing.


According to a survey of adults, 11% of us have done this at work. What?

Photocopied their butts! Congratulations to today's Workday 108 winner, Cindy Hill from Lapeer.


One-third of adults say they need this when they sleep. What?

A stuffed animal. Congratulations to today's winner, Jason Makidon from Grand Blanc.


Researchers say 72% of men exaggerate about this when they're talking to women. What?

How good they were at sports in high school. Congratulations to today's winner, Nicole Dunckel from Mt. Morris.