60% of people don't know hot to properly do this when it comes to their car.

Jump a battery. Anita got it!


The smell of this, makes people act nicer to each other, according to recent research. What is it?

Coffee is the smell. Aquela got it and found that is true.


Typically, this happens to women at 35, according to an opinion survey. What do you think it is?

Acting like their mother. Jerry of Linden got it and loves his Mommy.


New survey shows that these are the germiest things in a restaurant. What do you think it is?

Ketchup bottles are the gross ones on your table. Theresa knew it and is now off of ketchup for life.


Survey suggests that over 50% of people have the opinion that you shouldn't do this after 38.

Get a tattoo. Sue got it and she is tattoo free.