The average one of these is about 50% shorter than it was 10 years ago.

A Phone Call. Congrats to today's winner, Dollie Twigg from Flint.


52% of parents think you should do this for your kids, while 30% think it's a terrible idea.  What is it?

Let them win at board games.  Congratulations to today's winner, Lashona Clark of Flint!


According to a survey of smartphone owners, this is the #1 thing people wish their phones had. What?

Longer Battery Life! Congrats to today's winner, Lindy Nicol from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey of adults, 72% of us say we won't buy a new car, IF we don't like this about it. What?

The name of the car! Congratulations to today's winner, Anne Harriman from Grand Blanc.


Approximately 10% of humans and 40% of cats have this in common. What is it?

They're left handed. (Or.... Lef Pawed!) Congratulations to today's winner, Becky Bone from Lennon.

- George McIntyre
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