Q: A poll of adults find that 1-in-5 of us eat this everyday.

A: We eat cereal everyday. Gary of Flushing got it, and he's most likely snacking on Lucky Charms as we speak. Great job!


Q: The average person does this thirteen times a day.

A: Laugh! Cheryl from Fenton is laughing because she got it. Congrats!


Q: Over 1-in-4 women surveyed say they would most like to change this about their mothers.

A: Their mother's hairstyle. Yikes! Michelle of Grand Blanc has strong opinions of her mom's hairstyle. Just kidding, her grandmother on the other hand.


Q: The average person does this four times a week.

A: Wash your hair. Britney of Davison knows all about it, and rocks dry shampoo just like the rest of us. Great job!


Q: About a quarter of us agree that this is what annoys us most about our partners.

A: Zzzzz.... Snoring! Dawna of Burton knows all about it. Congrats!