According to research, 40% of people say they've stopped talking to a friend because of this reason. What?

A fight on Facebook. Congratulations to today's winner, Steven Ortega from Saginaw.


According to a survey of women, 60% say they'll kiss a man on the first date IF he talks about this on the date. What?

His mom! Congratulations to today's winner, Becky Guffin from Swartz Creek.


According to a survey of kids, this is the expression kids most dislike hearing their parents say. What?

Money doesn't grow on trees! Congratulations to today's winner, Sue Wise from Holly.


Fill in the blank:  When shopping for themselves, 10% of women surveyed say they prefer to buy clothing that is ______.

Not on sale! Congrats to today's winner, Grace Kuchar from Burt.


47% of men in a relationship admit that they have done this. What?

Gone through his significant other's purse. Congratulations to today's winner, LaShona Clark from Flint.

- George McIntyre
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