According to a survey of astronauts, this is the #1 thing they miss when they're in space. What is it?

Pizza! Congratulations to today's winner, LaShona Clark from Flint.


Fill in the blank:  According to a survey, left-handed men are 32% more _______ than right-handed men.

Generous! Congratulations to today's winner, Sheryl Garner from North Branch.


According to a survey of married men, 50% of us like it when our wives do this. What?

Burp! (Gross!) Congratulations to today's winner, James Dinstett from Fenton.


It's estimated that 55% of kids do this. It's something they shouldn't do. What is it?

Cut their own hair. Congratulations to today's winner, Michele Kalman from Burton.


Close to 50% of Facebook users have deleted a friend because of this. What?

Game Requests! Congrats to today's winner, Sandy Thayer from Clio.

- George McIntyre
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