How would you like to end up in a prison cell on the charge of stealing underwear from Sears? It might make a better story in jail if you put up a spectacular display of resistance to being apprehended.

Florida police say that over the weekend the stealing panties scenerio unfolded at a local Sears store. Pamela Williams, 42, and Annette Campbell, 38, allegedly walked into a Sears store and went to work stealing over $400 in underwear.

Things got real  interesting after the two pantie bandits realized that the gig was up and they were about to be arrested. Hell has no fury like a woman about to be arrested, so these two began to battle store security and engage is some fisticuffs with the clerks, while trying to make a run for the door.

Police arrived on the scene to find Williams in control of security.

A shorty while later Campbell was arrested.