In this age of joblessness, cutbacks, and hard times, some people have been forced to take drastic steps to survive and to keep a roof over their head. But, are things so bad that you would have to sell your non-vital organs just to make that rent payment or keep the heat on?

A mother in Spain adopted the strategy of selling her body parts in order keep from being evicted from her home. The 44 year-old is selling one kidney, a lung, her corneas and a piece of her liver to help pay her bills.

"I just need to do what I can for my daughter—her life is what's most important. I don't care about my own any more," she said,  "I started off trying to sell a kidney, but now I'm not just selling that. I'm also selling my corneas, one of my lungs and a piece of my liver. I will sell whatever piece of my body that someone wants to buy, and I am selling it out of desperation."

Makes you wonder where we are headed in this world, doesn't it? Drastic times call for drastic measures, but this one is a little too much for me.