The story is national news today and people here in Michigan are screaming police brutality.

See if you agree.

By the time 22 year-old Chandra Gregory was brought in to the jail lock up at the Warren Police Department she had already been pepper sprayed. There is no audio on the tape, but Chandra appears calm. Then things got ugly.

Officer Bernadette Najor pushed Gregory up against the wall twice during a pat down and then she went for her hair with a pair of scissors. Gregory was then confined in a restraint chair with her arms and legs tied down. Najor then continues to saw at Gregory's hair even though she is obviously in pain.

Officer Najor defends her actions by saying that the jail has a policy that prohibits clip on hair extensions for security reasons.

Chandra, who is a hair dresser, had no clips in her hair. She had a weave that was sewn right into her real hair and says that Najor ripped her hair out by the roots. She now has bald spots.

Watch what many are calling excessive force and police brutality in the video below.