As the hot, humid Michigan summer quickly approaches, many ladies will be wearing short sleeved or sleeveless shirts. But will they shave their armpits? If the lady in this video has her way, the answer will be no!



Her name is Emer O'Toole, and she hasn't shaved under her arms for eighteen months. Emer claims that the guys really don't mind so much. She says that they have a certain empathy, since they have hairy underarms too. It's the women who really have an issue with her hairy underarms. A healthy body image and self confidence are the two things Emer questions by not shaving. She maintains that women are much to concerned about their appearance.

The question was asked on a British talk show, but it's a good one. What do you think? To shave or not to shave? Will hairy underarms ever be socially acceptable in the United States?