It was just another day for Jeanne Ouellette. Until she decided to go to Kohl's to do a little shopping.


This event happened at a Kohl's in Lenexa, Kansas.  Jeanne was trying on clothes when she looked down in the dressing room, and saw a guy's HAND poking in under the door, filming her with a cell phone.  She was half-naked,  she freaked out, burst out of the dressing room, and started chasing the guy . . . TOPLESS.

She used her hands to cover herself, but still.  The guy eventually ran out the front door, and Jeanne decided not to follow him. But she was screaming about what he did, and several other customers did go after him.  Cops eventually tracked him down three blocks away. His name is Jeremy Bradley.

Jeremy was charged with breach of privacy. He's facing up to a year in jail, plus a $2,500 fine.  Here's Jeanne talking to a local news station about what happened.  She said she chased him topless because she was "enraged," and she felt violated.