Jeff Holmquist, New Richmond News[/caption]A man from St. Croix County, WI was just sifting through some mud from a friend's newly dug well, when something caught his eye. He was hoping for flakes of gold, but ended up with something much more valuable!.

Panning for gold was a hobby that  Dan Fagnan liked to do. "Everyone thinks I'm a fruit loop for panning for gold." he told the local paper. Usually, what he finds doesn't add up to much. Until the day he was sifting through the mud from his friend's newly dug 120 foot well. He came across a shiny, irregular shaped rock that he thought was a piece of glass. He was curious enough to take the rock to a local jeweler, and the owner of the shop, Karen Greaton told him that she thought that it was a diamond. The stone was checked by a mineralogist, who confirmed that the stone was indeed a diamond.

Of course, Fagnan is excited with his treasure, and says that he plans to make a necklace with the stone for his soon-to-be-born baby.

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