Round 2 Voting Info:

    • Round 2 runs from Friday, January 24th at 1:30p to Wednesday January 29th at 8a
    • During Round 2, each Passenger Rewards member is allowed one vote every 6 hours, per household/office (if you're worried that your vote isn't being counted, please read the last item on this list)
    • You must be logged in to your Passenger Rewards account to vote
    • At the end of Round 2, the contestants with the lowest share of the vote will be removed from the running and the finalists will move on to the last round of voting, which will be done in a completely different way than the previous two
    • It is normal for the percentage of the vote your child has to go up and down drastically, please do not email us about this
    • Do not make fun of or insult any of the contestants. If you do, your child will be removed from the contest no questions asked
    • Again, if your vote isn't being counted -- ask yourself the following questions:
      A) When was the last time I voted...Was it less than 6 hours ago?
      B) How many people are voting from my household/office... Is there more than one person trying to vote every 6 hours?
      If you answer yes to either of those questions, then you have figured out the problem.