Could you forgive, and be friends with a man that caused the accident that took your young wife and unborn son?

Meet the man that did.

Matt Swatznell, 20, had less than four miles to go to get home after working a very busy 24 hour shift as a firefighter and EMT. On that October night back in 2006 he remembers "the most God awful sound I've ever heard."

He knows now that he fell asleep behind the wheel and caused the accident that took the life of 30 year-old June Fitzgerald and the life of her unborn son. June's 19 month-old daughter, Faith, miraculously escaped with just a few abrasions and bruises.

Eric Fitzgerald, June's widowed husband and a full-time pastor, grieved for a time with family, friends and the younger members of his congregation. One of those young people expressed concern for the well-being of Swatznell, and Fitzgerald agreed. What he did next is extraordinary.

In the video below, produced by NewSpring Church, you will witness the incredible power of faith and forgiveness.

I don't know if I could be this strong, but it's a powerful question...could you forgive, and be friends with a person who caused the death of a loved one?