Donald Trump seems to have an opinion on everything and anybody, and he sure isn't shy about sharing! This week, the Donald has a bone to pick with Beyonce.


It seems that Mr. Trump is not a fan of Beyonce's Superbowl halftime performance. In a recent call in to Howard Stern, he made it clear that he didn't approve of the way Beyonce "was thrusting her hips forward in a very suggestive manner." He also called her dance moves during her halftime show "ridiculous" and "not appropriate". His concern was for the younger viewing audience, and Mr. Trump felt that her moves were to way to sexy for family viewing.

How do you feel about Beyonce's halftime performance? There's no denying that she is beautiful and talented, but do you feel that perhaps some of her dance moves were a bit to provocative for the younger kids watching with their families?