A long holiday weekend means lots of time in the pool. But you have to be comfortable right?  So is it just me, or are men's swimsuits ridiculously uncomfortable? My wife asked me last weekend why I always wear underwear with my swimsuit.  I can't tell you what my response was, but let's just say if was VERY descriptive.

It's the liner, I just can't stand the texture of the material. I've never owned a pair of swimming trunks that didn't have a liner made out of what feels like a steel screen.

My late grandfather who grew up in Malta always wore a Speedo, I guess it's a European thing.  While I have never had the inclination to get into a banana hammock, it must be more comfy than the shorts with built-in sandpaper.

Guys, am I wrong?  Ladies, do you have the same problem with your swimwear?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.  We will talk more about this on the air.

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