When looking for a new apartment, many things contribute to your final decision. Our partners GrandBlancApartments.com have put together a list of things to help you in choosing which apartment community is right for "you."

  • How Are Their Service Standards

    While there should be a standard level of maintenance service provided throughout the apartment community world, unfortunately there is not. When shopping for an apartment, remember to ask if the community provides after-hour emergency service. Do they provide you with an emergency phone number? With general maintenance issues, ask how long it typically takes to get a non-emergent maintenance item (i.e. broken dishwasher) handled. At grandblancapartments.com, we pride ourselves in responding and completing maintenance in a timely and efficient manner. Grandblancapartments.com provides 24-hour emergency service and we take great pride in responding to all service calls as quickly as possible.

  • How Accessible is the Complex Staff

    Does the apartment community staff really exist? Do you still see them after you move-in? Are they still friendly and eager to help you after you move-in? Have you ever felt like once they have your money a service person isn’t there for you as promised? The Apartment Community Staff should remain friendly and available to you long after you move-in. They should be ready to assist you with maintenance issues, resident problems, and/or helping to make sure they are following through with the promises they made before you moved in. At grandblancapartments.com it is common to see a staff member drop what they are doing to help a tenant that is having trouble carrying their groceries. Grandblancapartments.com takes great pride in the details and making sure that our tenants have a personalized rental experience.

  • How Well Does the Complex Take Care of the Grounds

    You may move in the wintertime, but once it turns summer you might be thinking the plowed dirty snow was actually more attractive. Look to see how the community takes care of their buildings' interior, exterior, and grounds. Ask how they maintain their lawns? Do they plant flowers in the spring? Are their shrubs over grown or have they been trimmed? How a community takes care of their property will likely reflect how you are taken care of as a tenant. At grandblancapartments.com we plant our flowers each spring, our lawns are freshly manicured, and we have staff that is constantly working to make our property look top notch!

  • It's Always About Location, Location, Location

    Consider how close your apartment will be to grocery stores, restaurants, expressways, movie theaters, highly regarded school districts, etc. Grandblancapartments.com’s three communities, The Landings of Fountain Pointe and Fox Hill Glens of Grand Blanc, and Stonehenge Gates of Flint Township, are all conveniently located to local stores, restaurants, expressways, shopping, schools and local hospitals.

  • Are You Enjoying Your New Home

    How does the apartment community honor your right to living in a peaceful environment? Are the people living above or below you driving you crazy with loud music at all hours of the night? Does the apartment community take these issues seriously and help you to rectify the problem or do you feel like no one cares? As a resident, tenant satisfaction should be a top priority to your community owners. They should have procedures in place to help tenants that are experiencing problems and be willing to follow through with these procedures.