Last week, a judge near Lansing ruled that Flint’s Emergency Financial Manager, Mike Brown, was appointed illegally, as that appointment violated Michigan’s Open Meetings Act.  Once that ruling came down, Mayor Dayne Walling and the Flint City Council were back on the job.  However, that didn’t last long.

The State of Michigan filed an emergency appeal last week, and just yesterday, an appellate court judge ruled that Mike Brown can continue his duties as Emergency Financial Manager of Flint while the court continues to review the case.

In a related story, a review team has stopped short of recommending that Governor Snyder appoint an emergency manager for Detroit.  Snyder now has 10 days to continue negotiations with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's office and members of the City Council on how to restructure the city's failing finances.

Are you for or against the idea of an Emergency Financial Manager for Flint, Detroit or any other city?