Oddly enough, when my wife discovered we had no hot water the other night, we weren’t upset. Sure, we were frustrated because we’d be showering at her mom’s house, and heating water for dishes would be a gigantic pain, but we were not mad, upset, or PO’d.

Our water heater is older than four of our six kids.

We’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it. We’ve known for a long time that one day, it would give up, and we’d be shelling out several hundred dollars for a new one that would probably not last half as long. We were prepared.

I don’t have an exact installation date, but it was in the house when Denise moved in in 1979. That’s 33 years ago, this month. Of course it goes without saying that it’s the only original appliance in the house.

So what is the oldest appliance in your home? Can you top 33 years? Let me know in the Comments section below.

By the way, a family friend who's in the plumbing and heating industry stopped by, and determined that the ‘thermocouple’ had gone bad. A trip to the hardware store for an $11 part, and the McIntyres were back in business!

We felt like we had just won the Powerball!

- George McIntyre
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