Grand Blanc has always been a beautiful Flint suburb, but for several years there has been a rundown dilapidated building at the corner of South Saginaw Street and Grand Blanc Road.  That eyesore was recently torn down and construction is underway on not one, but two new buildings.  The question is, what will they be when the construction is completed?

I've asked some of my colleagues about it and we have some interesting theories.  I proposed that they may be doing what was done at the intersection of Hill and Fenton Roads a few years back when they built a new Rite Aid on the southeast corner to replace the older Rite Aid that used to be on the northwest corner.  Maybe they're constructing a new Rite Aid to replace the old one.  But there are two buildings, not just one.

So we now turn to you.  What do you think the final product will be, and new businesses would you like to see there?