Just for fun, here's a quick video look at what Facebook would have looked like, if it had been introduced in the 1990s. Technology has certainly changed, hasn't it?

Remember when it took two hours to download a photo? And oh, how I loved the screeching sound of the dial-up modem! It sure was cool when a family member picked up the phone, and you were instantly disconnected from the Internet. Ah, sure do miss those days.

My 14-year-old sons act as if we're talking about Biblical Times when anyone speaks of the days before high speed Internet, TiVo, and iPods. Nick found a VHS tape in the closet and asked me if it was High Definition.

True story:  My stepdaughter was sick at school one day. They tried repeatedly to call the house, but got a busy signal because my wife was online. I was alone at work and couldn't leave, so I had to send the police to the house to tell my wife she needed to go to the school. Good times.

Have any '90s tech horror stories? I'd love to hear them! Shoot me an email or sound off in the comments section below.