Remember the Spring/Summer of 2008?  Gas prices in mid-Michigan were well above $4 a gallon.  We didn't like it then, but a lot of us made some changes that decreased demand for oil which eventually brought prices down.

Some of the things you can do to REALLY save money and gas:

  • Use public transportation.  Don't drive your kids to school if they can take the bus.  If you can take a bus or train to work, do it.  Even if you only do it once or twice a week, you'll save.
  • Eliminate unecessary trips.  Try to buy groceries once a week instead of making several visits.  While you're out, try to take care of other errands too!
  • Walk or ride a bike.  I do both.  I live within 2 miles of 3 grocery stores, the post office, the library and other places I like to visit.  I ride my bike or run to the gym (4 miles via the scenic, less travelled route) when the weather is favorable.  Instead of burning gas, I'm burning the stuff around my midsection.  (that probably justifies a Snickers bar!)
  • Carpool.  If you live close to people you work with or share other activities with, take one vehicle whenever possible.
  • Work from home.  In this digital age, many of us can take advantage of this option.  A lot of us can get more done without the distractions of the workplace.
  • Keep up the maintenance on your vehicle.  Tune-ups, oil changes, air filter changes, proper tire pressure, these things all make your vehicle run more efficiently.
  • Slow down.  Try going 65 instead of 80 (like you don't do that).  Changing speeds and quick acceleration burns a LOT of fuel.  Don't try to be the first one to the red light.  Try to maintain a steady pace when traffic allows.
  • Eliminate drag or excess weight in your vehicle.  Accessories or designs that lessen the aerodynamic structure of your vehicle waste gas.  So does the junk in your trunk.  Bowling balls, golf clubs, the weight set you've been meaning to use.  Excess weight makes your engine work harder. 
  • Doing  just some of these things will add up to real savings on fuel.  The price of oil can and does fluctuate with unrest in the Middle East, but the main thing that drives it up or down is demand.  That is something we CAN control.