Erin Bishop

I love this time of year because it's a chance to clean out my entire apartment and get rid of junk to clear up the clutter. I actually started cleaning out stuff over the weekend and now my apartment is free from clutter. I've provided some tips for your spring cleaning in case you need some motivation.


Lara604, Flickr

Clean Out Closets

I suggest starting with your closet first. Go through and choose what you're still wearing and get rid of the clothes you aren't going to wear. I'm guilty of getting rid of things with price tags on them or the clothes I think are going to fit me in a few months - which turn into years later and they still don't fit. Donate what you don't want to charity and free up some closet space.
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Get Rid Of Old Dishes

I went through my cupboards over the weekend and noticed I only use the same glasses, so I took away the others I wasn't using. All those extra mugs and plastic cups that you're not using should be donated. Or if you know someone having a garage sale, sell them and get a few dollars for them. This rule could also apply to tupperware you're no longer using or ones you've had too long that are starting to wear out.
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Clean Out Refrigerator

This should be a no brainer and should be done on a regular basis. But just in case you don't do it all the time, you should! Maybe there's some salad dressing or other products you aren't using but you're holding on to it just in case. I had some oil and vinegar dressing and for the longest time I kept thinking I would use it and still haven't, so I finally tossed it in the trash. Same goes for those drinks that are just sitting in the fridge. And just an FYI, wine is only good for a few days in the fridge!
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Clean Up Desks and Drawers

I would consider myself organized, but every time I get mail I throw it on a table. It could be bills, letters, pictures or just stuff that I throw on there or in my drawers telling myself I will look at it later. Don't wait until you have papers laying all over the place until you look at it. Go through and toss what you don't need and put the stuff you do need in a folder together to stay organized. You wouldn't believe how much trash I threw out after cleaning out five drawers and two tables! You will feel so much better when you do it.
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Get Rid Of Miscellaneous Items

Do you have a lot of random stuff around your house and you aren't sure what to do with it? This could be old CD's, DVD's, computer games, old sports equipment, cell phones or even cameras. Whatever you don't need, sell it to a store, or try Craiglist, Ebay or maybe even have a garage sale. If you are really feeling charitable, donate it to an organization.