Anita Baker has a Grammy Award... and a warrant out for her arrest, thanks to a Wayne County judge.

An arrest warrant has been signed by a Wayne County Circuit Court judge for Grammy Award singer Anita Baker.
It was sought after by Daniel Gerow, a lawyer representing a company that did some work on Baker's Grosse Pointe home. The lawyer and the judge are angry and frustrated by Baker's refusal to show up for court appearances regarding a $15,000 dispute in decorating fees.

Jamal Hamood, Anita's lawyer, maintains that she was never served with papers in 2011 and did not know that she was being sued by Ray A Smith Painting & Decorating for $15,000. Hamood plans to file a motion to get Baker's warrant cancelled.

Anita is currently out of town, and according to her lawyer, she will remain so until this warrant issue is cleared up.

Who thinks Anita Baker's Grammy Award and her success gives her a false sense of entitlement when it comes to paying her bills?

More details in the video below from Detroit's WDIV.